Why Are We Still Loving Rainbow Nursery Decorations?

Why Are We Still Loving Rainbow Nursery Decorations?

Rainbow Painting 

We saw a big spike in the rainbow trend when COVID-19 hit and we were confined to our homes in the Spring of 2020. The first rainbows were created by children themselves to place in windows as a means of spreading hope and sending messages of support to others.

Throughout the remainder of 2020 we saw a huge spike in sales of all things rainbow, whether that be clothing, accessories, gifting or interiors. Naturally this meant that many of us drew on the rainbow trend for inspiration to decorate children’s bedrooms and nurseries. And, of course, for many parents they will always associate rainbows with their little one if they were born or conceived during this terrible time. Definitely a symbol of hope and optimism if ever there was one.

Rainbow Nurseries

Personally, I've always been a lover of rainbows and knew when my little girl was born that I wanted this to be the basis of the decor in her nursery. We have used rainbow imagery in framed prints and wall hangings, and bright rainbow colours in bunting and bedding. This is complimented with elements of cloud imagery.

Whilst the bright rainbow colours may just be a palette you are drawn to for being fun and bright, it is also worth considering that bright and contrasting colours tend to be more engaging for a young baby than soft pastels.

Rainbow Nursery

Rainbow Baby

It is a heart-breaking fact that as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies will end in loss during pregnancy or birth (Source: Tommys.org). Those parents who are fortunate to go on and have another healthy child will refer to them as their "rainbow baby". The rainbow is a symbol of hope and brings solace to them after such a tragic loss.

Using Rainbows in Decoration

While just using bright rainbow colours would seem the obvious choice for decorating your little one's room, the rainbow theme can take many forms.

Bright rainbow colours can create real impact when using brightly coloured decorative accessories in a room with limited colour, like white painted walls.

Rainbow Decorations

But rainbows come in all colour palettes these days, so if bright colours are not to your taste, have you considered a rainbow of pastel colours?

Pastel Rainbow Kids Room

Otherwise you could use rainbow imagery in a totally different colour palette, like pretty pink.

Pink Girl's Rainbow Decorations


In summary, whilst 2020 might have re-established our love of all things rainbow, it is a trend that has always been loved by many whether in its classic form of bright colours or in pretty pastel colours. Beautiful handcrafted rainbows from prints, cushions and wall hangings are available from some amazing UK sellers. To see all my favourite small businesses, follow @styledtosparklekidshome on Instagram.

Sarah x

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