Nursery Decoration - where to start?!

Nursery Decoration - where to start?!

How many lovely images of nurseries have you saved on your phone from Instagram or Pinterest? It can feel intimidating when you start thinking about how to decorate your new arrival's nursery. My top tip is to keep it simple. 

Nursery Decoration

Once you've bought some key furniture pieces, like a cot and changing table, it's then time to think about decoration. If you have an idea - great! Otherwise if you paint the walls a simple colour you can change the accessories over time. I painted my daughter's nursery white so that I can keep changing the theme with different coloured accessories! We're loving rainbows at the moment, but I'm always working on new colour schemes.

Rainbow Nursery Decoration

Colour Coordination

A bold pattern on a wallpaper or curtains can look great and can be the focus point of the nursery, but then consider that you might not need so many accessories. It can be so tempting to buy lots of little knick-knacks but the overall effect could end up looking too busy.

Don't try and match to every colour in the pattern - pick out two or three key colours from the pattern (maximum) and buy any soft accessories, like cushions and blankets to match. Straight away the colour coordination will create a big impact. 

Nursery Accessories

In terms of decorative accessories - personally, I would opt for a couple of framed prints/slogans and something personalised. A statement name can look really stunning in a child's nursery - whether it be a wire name, laser cut wooden or acrylic name, or a personalised banner. Don't go overboard - you'll acquire lots of bits and pieces over the months and years to come - whether gifted or bought at 2am online!

Make sure you follow @styledtosparklekidshome on Instagram as I often reference my favourite nursery brands to compliment the products in my range.


If all else fails don't forget that your little one won't be sleeping in there until they are 6 months old. In those early days I know spent a lot of time browsing whilst holding a sleeping newborn in my arms.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if I can help you in planning a special nursery for your new arrival.

Sarah x

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