How to decorate a nursery

How to Decorate a Nursery: 10 Top Tips

When you're expecting a baby, decorating the nursery will be one of the first things on your to-do list. Whilst it can be an exciting time, many of us can feel overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done. If you're looking for nursery decorating ideas, here I give you 10 nursery decor tips to make the process easier and less daunting.

1. Nursery Furniture

Firstly, you'll want to ensure the nursery has the key pieces of furniture you're going to need. If you have a small room, a cot and chest of drawers will be sufficient, but if you have the space you may also want a comfortable nursing chair. 

Once your nursery is equipped with these essential pieces, you can start adding more decorative ideas to your little one's room.

Nursery decor ideas

Bunting shown: Neutral Nursery Bunting

2. Colour Scheme

Choosing the theme for your nursery decor doesn't have to be complicated. You don't need a whole mood board. Base your colour scheme around one item that you love, for example, a special blanket, a framed print or wallpaper. Then find decorations with colours from your chosen print or pattern. You'll be amazed how easily the nursery decor comes together once you buy into these colours.

3. Add Colour with Accessories

Personally, I would always opt for a neutral colour for the walls when decorating a nursery, such as white, to create a versatile backdrop for any future decorating. One of the easiest ways to add vibrancy to a nursery is through the use of hanging decorations and soft furnishings. This also allows you to change the theme easily, by switching out accessories without having to repaint or wallpaper the entire room.

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How to decorate a nursery

Bunting shown: Baby Pink & Sage Bunting

4. Storage Ideas for a Tidy Space

Keeping a nursery organised can be a challenge, especially with the influx of toys and baby items. Consider practical storage solutions like baskets in different sizes, which are perfect for quickly tidying away scattered toys or even laundry. If your chest of drawers doubles as a changing table, drawer dividers can help keep essentials within arm's reach.

5. Easy Decor Updates

Children grow quickly, and so do their interests. Keep the nursery theme flexible by incorporating easy decor updates. Change the vibe of the room with new bedding, framed prints, or playful bunting. Just with these simple changes, you can instantly transform the nursery to match your baby's evolving personality.

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Bunting shown: Personalised Boho Rainbow Bunting and Boho Rainbow Bunting

6. Add Patterns and Textures

If you choose to keep the walls painted neutral, you'll want to introduce some visual interest to the nursery with colour or patterns. I love wall stickers as a great way to add a temporary pattern to the wall. Wall stickers are easy to remove so they are another simple way to update the nursery theme.

Introducing various textures in the nursery adds depth and visual interest to the space. Consider using fabrics like boucle, chunky knits, or macrame. These textures not only provide a cozy and inviting atmosphere but also stimulate sensory development for your baby.

7. Take Your Time

When you're looking for nursery decor ideas, don't succumb to the pressure of buying everything at once. As your baby grows and develops new interests, you can incorporate items that reflect their personality and preferences. Whether it's a cherished toy, a whimsical artwork, or a piece of clothing, these additions will evolve with your child and contribute to the overall character of the nursery. 

8. Personalised Details

A handful of personalised items, such as custom wall art or hanging decorations, can make the nursery truly special. With so many small businesses making personalised items to order these days, it is even easier to find a special keepsake for your baby, no matter how unique their name.

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nursery decor ideas

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9. Use Toys as Decor

Incorporate your baby's toys and books into the nursery decor. Displaying a collection of beloved storybooks on a shelf or showcasing a row of adorable stuffed animals on a dresser can instantly inject a playful element to the nursery. 

10. Peg Rail for Storage and Decoration

Having a peg rail on the nursery wall makes for a versatile storage solution. Not only does it provide a convenient spot for hanging essentials like blankets and clothing, but it also serves as an excellent display area for decorations. 

nursery decor tips

 Bunting shown: Personalised Blue Vehicle Bunting

Decorating a nursery should be a creative and enjoyable process. Don't put yourself under pressure to achieve an Insta-worthy nursery! Every nursery should be unique to your baby. Finally, remember to keep it simple - just a few additions can make the most beautiful room for your new arrival.

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